"We hired Abby Powell to perform as a "surprise midnight event" at our annual private art show, the American Art Show. This year's show was held in a large private residence with roughly 100 artists presenting 100 new pieces of original artwork. At the stroke of midnight, we gathered all the artists and attendees in the cavernous main gallery room, and killed the lights. As soon as Abby sang the first phrase of "Lyubasha's Aria", the place went utterly silent. The following five minutes were mesmerizing, Abby's powerfully emotive voice filled the entire room and vibrated off every person there. She took the room on a haunting journey through Lyubasha's tragic story - no one needed to comprehend a single word of Russian to understand exactly what the aria was saying. At the final note, and a single call of "Bravo!" from one of the artists, the crowd went wild with applause. And continued to for at least a full minute. It was absolutely the highlight of this year's entire show."

Tom Borden, The Wandering Eye Productions
Montara, California

"Ms. Powell sang at our wedding in La Jolla in August 2003. We were extremely pleased with her level of professionalism and service. We had a traditional Catholic mass and Ms. Powell provided wonderful vocal during the seating of our guests that set an inviting tone. She brought our mothers to tears with her amazing voice during her singing of Ave Maria."

Amanda and Frederick Sandford
La Jolla, California

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