"(Abby Powell) sang with ever-increasing tonal and dramatic color, leaving the audience shouting and Ms. (Leontyne) Price beaming."
Camille Zamora, The Juilliard Journal (on Leontyne Price Masterclass), October 2003

"Miss Powell sang with fervor and conviction, leaving the audience bereft of words. Given the repertoire, the degree of humanity that this performance offered was nothing short of miraculous. In these dark days, this kind of voice is a beacon of hope."
Suzanne Wendtland, Gotham Reviews, October 2001

"Solid and youthful"
Anne Midget, The New York Times, November 2002

"The highlight (of the evening) was the singing of Abby Powell. It is a dark, rich, yet silvery voice, and its plush, warm sound is reminiscent of Christa Ludwig. It's a big, dramatic voice. Remember Abby Powell!"
Ivy Lin, Opera-L Review, October 2002