At Julliard, I learned that the goal of voice lessons should always be to gain independence and confidence in the knowledge that you can achieve any musical goal you set out to accomplish. My goal as a teacher is to give you this confidence and independence, but also to instill in you a vocal technique that you can count on even on the most challenging days. You may have an idea of what kind of singing you see yourself doing – my teaching approach will bring you closer to that ideal, closer than you would have otherwise imagined.

I have a very young energy (not a stuffy old opera singer)! Don't let that fool you, though - the technique I teach will make you a stronger singer, hands down. I won't teach you how to sound like someone else, but I can teach you how to sound like the very best version of yourself, and you'd be surprised what an amazing voice you have inside you.

While my focus in school was in Opera/Art Song, I can help you with any genre. I'm very fond of rock, pop, country, folk, gospel, musical theater, whatever inspires you! Whether you're preparing for a classical vocal competition, writing your own music, getting ready for the next round of American Idol auditions, or just wanting to improve your sound at the local Karaoke bar, I'm here to help!

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